Feel the authentic Sofia spirit meters away from the main pedestrian street and some of the most visited landmarks in the city.


Couples THEN and NOW
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Then and now

People and places have changed so much for the last 100 years. And yet, we still walk the same streets, experience the same emotions and cherish the same precious moments. Here, in Rosslyn Thracia Hotel Sofia we take the best of both worlds and deliver it to our guests. 

Thracia Surroundings


Solunska street

Surrounded by history Rosslyn Thracia Hotel Sofia is located at one of the oldest and most symbolic streets in Sofia – Solunska Street. Solunska was known for being the home of many artists, writers and people from the high society.

One of the most interesting buildings on Solunska str (number 49) is the first Evangelical Church, consecrated in 1889. Although the church was fully destroyed during the bombing, after the war it was restored to its original form.

Nowadays Solunska is still the heart of the city being occupied by some of the most vibrant and trendy spots for a glass of wine or afterwork cocktail.

With its vivid architecture and one of the oldest and signature houses in the city the area gives you the taste of Old Sofia and still keeps its authentic spirit. It is just a few steps away from the main pedestrian shopping street full of restaurants and cafes and some of the “not to be missed” attractions in town.